early-stage startup

Digital Transformation (2011 - 2016)

Incubated and scaled up Microsoft Digital, a new strategic business unit, from zero to multi-hundred million dollar enterprise P&L, with responsibility for business strategy, product management, market development, and sales; 4 years of consecutive double-digit growth; 57% growth YoY in the most recent fiscal year. Strategy, and leadership, for Microsoft's company-wide Digital Transformation initiative; envisioned and scaled key programs, including the Microsoft Book of Dreams, Digital Transformation Patterns, the Digital Motion, the Dream Factory, the Digital Advisor role, and the Digital Advisory Services business.

Microsoft .NET (2004 - 2010)

Engineering leader in the .NET team, shipping application frameworks for developers and architects (including .NET Enterprise Library, Windows Forms/WPF Rich Client Framework, Enterprise Service Bus etc.); my team had the highest Developer Satisfaction across all of Microsoft's developer tools and frameworks. Pioneered Agile tools and techniques, which were eventually adopted across the Developer Division; leadership in adopting and evangelizing Customer-connected engineering, which became mainstream company-wide as Scenario-Focused Engineering.